Week one day one, I’m on vacation!!!

8 Jun

Good morning just wanted to thank the lord that my kids and I made it safely to California. We are high up in the mountains which is the perfect view to watch the sun come up over the trees and enjoy the sounds of nature, even if it is the goats rustling around in their barn lol. I love it here and can only hope that my kids are just as happy as I am being here with the family. It was so nice to see my grandma when I got off the plane, I wrapped my arms around here and gave her a hug that’s been waiting for years to come out of me. If it weren’t for my wonderful brother and Erma I wouldn’t be here to enjoy all of this, thank you guys. And last but certainly not least I want to thank my husband for being able to give me up for three long weeks so that I can have a good time, I love you baby.


where has the time gone?

11 Dec

Il have to be honest i havent been on my blog for a very long time. I am just about finished with this semester in school so now i have some tome to write. i jave hadto learn the great multi tasking tool again. Being a mom a wife and a full time student os one hard time consuming job. I do think im getting the hang of it but know where my improvements need to be. right now im going to ned but look forward to my writing from me soon.


12 Oct

There is someone who is hurting deep inside, they have been overwhelmed by priorities in life yet have not taken the time to make themselves a priority. I am at a loss for what to do. I have been in this position before and it was rocky and then I left I don’t even know if they know what’s going on or even if the rumors ate true, but I want this person to know how amazing they ate inside and out I wish I could tell her but am not sure if I should??

Lifes surprises :)

6 Oct

Today my hunny n I spent the whole day together which was well needed and deserved. We went shopping n out to breakfast and he even won a 50$ gift card to Target! That he gave to me and I used it to buy us a new bed spread n sheets for our new bed he bought for us. With is getting this new bed we were able to give our daughter our bed which was a 1,000$ tempurpedic bed barely 2 yrs old and my son got out of his kid bunk bed and into my daughters old bed which was only a yr old so everyone got new beds today so let’s see how we all sleep, hopefully this is a good thing. Thank you lord for your saving grace, amen.


25 Sep

It’s been a while I know right? So much has been going on I don’t even know where to start other than where I am now. I’ve been exhausted lately like some days I have a great happy energetic day n then there are days that no matter what I do I’m so tired it feels Like I haven’t slept in days. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this but it needs to stop! I’m fed up with being tired a lot. I’ve been drinking shakeology for almost two weeks now and I want to say that’s what’s giving me my up days, but what the hell is dragging me down? I wish I knew so I can change it. I have a feeling it may be due to lack of exercise but I did start last Thursday with running a bit then I ran saturday for a bit and I’m going to run tomorrow and make this a Tuesday Thursday Saturday thing and hopefully stick to it and maybe that will change my moods? I don’t know why I’m feeling crappy but I want to be normal again.


4 Sep

I had thus great idea last night of something I wanted to write down but I was falling asleep while thinking about it and usually when I feel its going to be a great idea i tell myself to remember to write it down. Unfortunately the only thing I can remember about it was to write it down. I wonder if I put myself back into the same position I was in when I thought of this idea could I remember it again? Would it be the same? I remember a movie called somewhere in time, where thus man visited a hotel and felt that he had been there before and actually he had been there before and he trained himself to go back in time and be where he was before and do what he had done but unfortunately he had one coin from his current time period which made him remember where he came from and he was transported back into his real time. It was a sweet and sad movie, but none the less I loved it. Now my thoughts weren’t as vast as the ones in the movie, but they were great enough for me to remember that I needed to write them down. Oh how I wish I could remember.

Another great woman gone

19 Aug

Today I received a call from my grandma, I didn’t feel much like talking so I didn’t answer, she called again but still I didn’t answer. My husband said it might be important, call her back. So as I was dialing the number I got real sick n ran to the bathroom, I gave my daughter the phone n went n puked my guts out. When I got out my daughter said auntie Ermas mom died. I was in shock. I asked her are you sure? She said yeah nana said auntie Ermas mom died today. I had to catch my breathe I couldn’t believe what I just heard. It took me a min to put myself together and I called my sister and just hearing her voice made me break down n cry. It’s very rare I see or hear my sister cry, she’s the tough one the strong one she’s the one who usually holds me together but this time we both fell apart. She said “what’s going on Ang?” Like she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that just hours earlier she was thinking of her mom n mentally telling herself to call her, but didn’t have the time. She couldn’t take the pain the heartache the sorrow of knowing that her mom, her best friend was gone. To me she was a second mom, her house was home after a long weary drive we would enjoy a few glasses of wine together and smoke too. When I spent time with her I felt like distinguished royalty, like we were a couple of really rich ladies laughing n talking n sharing stories while we indulged in fine wine and good times. I know I didn’t spend much time with her over the years but the time we did spend was priceless. I know I wasn’t one of her kids or grandkids but she made me feel like family nonetheless. She was my brothers mother in law and we both got to call her mom. I know my brother is hurting right now and I feel his pain. I can’t say I loved her like he did but it was almost the same. My brother got lucky with a wonderful sweet mother in law 16+ yrs ago and I always hoped I would be as lucky as him, then 4.5 yrs ago I met my hunny and his family and I knew I had, my mother and father in law are sweet loving caring and wonderful people, I can’t begin to imagine the pain of losing either or both of them. Brother I feel your heart breaking inside of mine I feel your tears upon my cheek I sense your uncertainty but know that you still have a piece of her inside your lovely wife. Grab her and hold her tight be there for her and with her through every night for her pain is so immense that nothing on earth could ever mend. Tell her every day that you are there for her let her know that even though there is no cure that deep down inside of her is that wonderful woman who gave life to her. I love you both more than words can show.